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The rhythms that contort your hold mean nothing to the way that you're sold
- "Child Inside" (Original Coda Demo Tape)

Humble beginnings

Neil auditioned with Bingley band Coda in 1988 and after being accepted as their new front man, began rehearsing with Dave, Rick and Leigh. The songs at this time were a mixture of classic 'old school' rock with several original numbers - mainly penned by guitarist, Dave Turner.

A slight change in direction came when Rick left the band and Paul Hudspith took over bass duties. The focus shifted slightly to concentrate more on popular covers - with more than a nod towards the sixties and seventies. This decision was made in the interests of playing more local shows and hopefully building on the bands reputation. In 1989, Leigh left the band and was replaced by Jim Cartwright. At this point Neil began songwriting with Dave, and these songs became the fore-runner to their next band, The Inquisition.

The Photo Archives


Leigh Stothard Rick Slater Paul Hudspith
band Dave in Rehearsals Neil
Paul Hudspith Jim cartwright Dave and Paul

Live Shows

Band Dave Derek & Nick
Derek Phil Neil
Nick Neil Phil

Recording Studio

Dave Turner Jim Cartwright
Paul Hudspith Dave Turner


Vocal and Mixing

Neil Steve Riley, "The Lively Arts"
Mixing Neil recording vocals


Bingley Beckfoot
Keighley Keighley

Original line up

Neil Thomas - Vocals
David Turner - Guitar
Rick Slater - Bass
Leigh Stothard - Drums


Rick left the band after a handful of shows and was replaced by Paul Hudspith. Later Leigh left the band and was replaced by Jim Cartwright.

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