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The Inquisition

And when the sun sets it starts to get frightening, and there are shadows that are taller than the trees.
Alcohol moves my soul and the sounds of the city angry and pretty.

Progressive Goth and the avante garde

Songs penned by Dave Turner and Neil Thomas became the basis for starting up The Inquisition with Granville Bowen (drums), Russell Hodgeson (bass) and later Darren Bellerby joining on keyboards.

The song-writing duo had a passion for four-tracking in Dave's home studio (a process using ordinary cassette tapes to record a maximum of four instruments or voices) and this resulted in a prolific outpouring of avant-garde and highly original music which translated very well into live rehearsals. Four such songs were developed further at Carl Stipetic's In A City studio on Canal Road, Bradford - forming the 16 track demo 'Flowers in Vain'. This showcased the live feel that the band were capable of.

The Photo Archives

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Band Darren Derek & Nick
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Bowling Festival

Nick Darren
Derek Phil



Neil Darren & Neil
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With Guy & Christian

Rehearsal Rehearsal
Rehearsal Rehearsal

Flowers in Vain [EP]

EP Artwork front cover
Four songs recorded at In A City Studio, Bradford in August 1990.
City Braves
Sand to Soil
The Human Revolution

The line up

Neil Thomas - Vocals
Dave Turner - Guitar
Darren Bellerby - Keyboards
Russell Hodgeson - Bass
Granville Bowen - Drums

Later, Dave was replaced by Guy Birtwhistle and Russell was replaced by Christian Topman

Demo songs

Sand to Soil
Change Your Mind
Inside & Under
Scarred & Disillusioned

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